Herbal teas

  • Dr. Pakalns teas

    Dr. Pakalns mixed teas is wonderful daily nutrition enrich. Herbal tea healing properties are well known therefore Dr.Pakalns very carefully checked every component and made tasty and healthy tee for every days needs.

  • Mixed herbal teas

    These mix teas have well know healing properties. Please read carefully how to prepare and use them! Help yourself feel better day by day!

  • Herbal teas

    Herbal tea is beautiful every day tea. This tea wonderfully make better every day tea drinking ritual! Herbal tea enriches our nutrition and has good impact on our life quality. Every herbal tea has well known influence on our health.

  • Kumelītes tējas tapšanas process

    Kā top kumelītes tējas? 'Dienas biznesa' fotoreportāža.