Joint stock company “Rīgas farmaceitiskā fabrika”

Rīgas farmaceitiskā fabrika is the Baltic biggest manufacturer of galenic preparations, soft pharmaceuticals and herbal drugs & teas. The product range consisting more than 100 titles including tinctures, drops, extracts, syrups, alcoholic and oil solutions of pharmaceuticals, liniments, ointments, herbal drugs and their composed mixtures. We produce high quality products in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

The company started its activity in 1950 as pharmaceutical packaging department. The status of Pharmaceutical factory the company gained in 1957. In 1963 the Riga pharmaceutical factory was moved to the premises in Ozolu street(previous Duntes street) where it is located today.

In 1966 was opened “eye drop production” department in Stirnu street.

In 1979 “eye drops production department” and “herbal teas packaging department” was joint in one unit - "herbal teas and eye drops”.

The company was put up for privatization in 1997. After privatization process Herbal section was moved to Duntes street and now whole production process are in on territory in Duntes street.