About us

JSC "RIGA PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY" is based in Latvia, Riga and has 70+ years of experience. RFF is a Good Manufacturing Practice certified and internationally recognised company, which provides services ranging from formula development up to commercial production and supply.

Medicinal products based on vulnerary plants or substances derived from vulnerary plants takes 80 % from factory’s output.

The product range consisting more than 100 titles including tinctures, drops, extracts, syrups, alcoholic and oil solutions of pharmaceuticals, liniments, ointments, herbal drugs and their composed mixtures. We produce high quality products in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

The services RFF provide:

  • White - label product manufacturing , including liquid forms (syrups, balsams, sprays, drops, liquid tubes) and semi- solid forms (ointments, creams , gels);
  • Contract manufacturing of liquid extracts and tinctures from herbs and plants;
  • New product and formulas development, raw materials selection, product stability tests and process quality control;
  • Batch release of herbal drug products.

Product brands and categories:

  • RFF / Dr. Pakalns / Right Future Feeling brands;
  • For respiratory system (cough and cold);
  • For immune system;
  • For digestive system;
  • For sleep support and relaxation;
  • For skin care;
  • For cardiovascular system.


RFF's mission is to help people by creating products that combine nature and science.